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We, Οlympia Samara and Hannes Hoffmann, are the weingut roterfaden. Our wines are planted, picked, stamped and bottled with our own hands. Everything biodynamic, with love, family and friends, with fresh air and a lot of fun.


On dry-stone terraces with pure limestone is where the varieties Lemberger, Pinot Noir and Riesling are growing. The minimalistic intervention in the winery and the adaptation of anthroposophical approaches deliver vitality and individuality.


The Basics

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He grows with a big confidence on the limestone. Sovereign and consistent he delivers every year satisfaction and serenity. He doesn’t allow himself to get affected and radiates a pleasant calmness.

image Lemberger

Pinot Noir

He reflects through his easiness a strong vitality. Dreamy and harmony-loving he brings a smile to your face. He accompanies in a discreet and subtle way.

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With his rebellious character, he revives and provokes. He is not giving up and plays with his typicity. He likes taking center stage and entertaining.

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The Endschleifen

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Lemberger Endschleife

She surprises and irritates. When she gets enough attention she reveals her true self. Tension and complexity are the impressions that remain.

image Lemberger Endschleife

Riesling Endschleife

She is the purist of the family. Sie likes clear shapes, edges and lines and always cares for organisation and structure. She abstains from any extra elements and concentrates on the basics.

image Riesling Endschleife

Olympia's Herbarium

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The common daisy, a small perennial plant of about 15 cm, opens its inverted egg-shaped leaves in early spring, in a period where snow is still very common and creates a leaf rosette close to the ground. Its flowering time begins in early March and can go till September and further on. Distilled water from daisy leafs and blossoms have a lifting and tonifying effect on damaged or tired skin.

Like the common daisy, there are a number of inconspicuous but completely underestimated plants which can be found in our gardens. Olympia’s Herbarium wants to center those representatives of the ecosystem and show their real beauty.

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